Advice on Finding Builders


The huge rise in demand for home improvements as an alternative to moving house especially in the north west has resulted in many BUILDERS in MANCHESTER becoming specialists in loft conversions.

Converting an attic into a bedroom, studio or office is a very effective way of adding value to your home.


Why consider converting the loft?

Quite simply a loft conversion adds value – up to 20% – to the value of your home.


With soaring values, many people prefer to avoid moving to more expensive homes and improve what they have with the result that the best Manchester home improvement companies who specialise in loft conversions are unable to cope with the demand for their services.

Many people choose to convert their loft to avoid the expense and stress of moving house and because work in the loft is far less intrusive than an extension to a kitchen or living room.

So how do you know is your loft is usable and if it will get planning?

A builder who specialises only in lofts shared the advice given out by the Federation of Master Builders.

They said “Almost all lofts can be converted but there three things need checking. Firstly the internal height of the existing loft, from the top of the joist to below the ridgeboard in the apex.” All builders in Manchester will know to carry out these checks.

The second thing to consider is the pitch of the roof, loft conversions work with pitches greater than 30 degrees.

So how best to use the space once you have established the work can be carried out? Well the builders in Manchester that we spoke to who do these every day advise that once you decide on a loft conversion, you must think about how you would like to use it. Will it be an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom,  or a games room for the kids?

Once you make that decision your next task is to appoint a builder who has been recommended for his experience and expertise in this area and just make sure you stick to budget, keep everything in writing and don’t get too stressed at the chaos around you – the finished work will be worth it!